Whirlpool slimline dishwasher 45 cm WSFC3M17X Was A+ Now F



Slimline inox Dishwasher Was  A+ Now F

Capacity: 10 servings

Power Clean Pro: Powerfull water inyectors on the back wall of the dishwasher

6th Sense Tech: guarrantees perfect results without a prewash

Delayed start: it allows you to program the start time of your cycle for when it’s more convenient for you

Flexible space: Add, move or adapt the interior space according to your needs, thanks to its modular trays and foldable slaps

Higienic Wash option: it effectively removes bateria as well as grime and rests of food, for better health safety

Third tray

Extra space: it allows you to load pots and pans vertically on the inferior tray

Modular flexispace trays

Removable Top tray

Extra silent

Consumption: 9 litres per cycle

Singula bandeja: it allows you to wash a smaller amount of crockery without filling up the dishwasher

Eco program

Measurements : 845 x 450 x 590 mm ( height x width x depth )