Whirlpool dishwasher 13 services WFE2B19 Was A+ Now F



Free standing White Dishwasher Was A+ Now F

Capacity: 13 servings

Delayed start: allows you to program the start of the cycle for when it’s most convenient to you, helping you save in time and energy

Adjustable top tray: it allows you to have extra space for when you need it and to put in different shaped items effortlessly

External water protection: it protects from water leaking in case of an unexpected error

Tablet option: special washing cycle for tablet detergents

Hot water mains connection: can be connected to the hot water mains (at maximum 60ºC)

Adjustable trays Flexispace: their movable racks allow you to put in different type of crockery more comfortably

Removable top tray: it gives you extra space when you need it for special size items to go on the bottom tray.

Measurements : 850 x 595 x 590 ( height x width x depth )