Balay Oven Multifunction Aqualisis A 3HB4331X0

Aqualisis: a comfortable, fast and ecological method. And also economic! Because if you spend less electricity, you will also spend less money. The Aqualisis helps you keep the oven in good condition in your day to day. It works with water and consumes very little and its results are magnificent, since it is clean and ready for its next use. You just have to pour water with some dish soap into the base of the oven and select the function. Once the process has finished and the oven has cooled down, you remove the water and that’s it!
Wood oven: cook as before, with the comfort of now. You want the oven to clean itself, to be easy to use, to have a modern design … But sometimes you would also like to give your dishes that unmistakable and evocative touch of traditional cuisine. With the wood oven function, an enveloping heat is generated, more intense at the base, which allows the preparation of foods such as pizza, puff pastries, etc., with a result that will remind you of the traditional kitchen.



Steel Series Design
Folding door
Energy efficiency class A, within the range A +++ to D
New easy-to-use Comfort Control
Hidden controls
Comfort telescopic rails in 1 height
New chrome harrows Comfort: comfortable and safe extraction
Cleaning assistant Aqualisis
Self-cleaning rear panel
Multifunction 7 functions: Professional 3D hot air, soft hot air, wood oven, bake, hearth, turbo grill, total grill
Electronic clock with cooking start and stop programming
Fast preheating
High strength non-stick enamel
Cold door
Accessories: deep tray, grill

Measurements :  595 x 594 x 548 mm ( height x width x depth )

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 54 × 59 × 59 cm