Balay 3KFE360MI Fridge 176 x 60cm Inox E, Fridge freezer

Fresh drawer
This large capacity drawer will help you keep food organised, and keep your fruits and vegetables always fresh.

Integrated horizontal handles
That your kitchen is elegant and simple is something that can only be achieved if you take care of the details. That’s why Balay has refrigerators with built-in horizontal handles, so simplicity and design go hand in hand. In addition, by not having anything that stands out, you can clean your refrigerator without complications.

LED lighting: more durability and efficiency.
Not only do they consume little, it is that compared to a conventional light bulb they consume up to 10 times less! And they also last longer, so that savings multiply. If you still can’t see it clearly, take a look inside the refrigerator: the LEDs illuminate every corner with clarity progressively, to allow the view to adapt naturally and that not even a cherry tomato is forgotten at the bottom of the refrigerator drawer. In addition, the ExtraFresh Comfort refrigerators have a side LED column.

Don’t waste energy looking for what you need.
If you have quick and direct access to what you need, you won’t have to keep the door open too long, and you won’t lose efficiency in the freezer. That’s just what we thought about when designing the DirectAccess drawer: just open the freezer door and slide the drawer, to have all its contents at your fingertips. A simple idea that provides great comfort.



  • Dimensiones de instalación necesarias (Al. x An. x Pr.): 1760 x 600 x 660 mm

  • Iluminación LED: Sí

  • Volumen total del producto: 282 l

  • Color: acero mate antihuellas

  • No Frost: Sí

  • Emisiones de ruido aéreo: 42 dB (A) re 1 pW